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34: Emails Are Being Chewed

Dillon and Johnathan discuss feelings, VC money, Newsletters, being a knowledge worker, and more are featured in this 78-minute program, the final episode of this show.

33: I'm a Leafy Boy

Another wildcard episode where the show notes actually match what the guys talk about. Episode #32 and #33 were released out of order so things may be out of order in the W2G timeline. Sorry about that!

32: Always on the Hunt

Anything goes in this episode where the guys talk about the feeling of having "your thing," coffee, and Dillon inquisits about a new platform he's not building.

31: Small Data, Big Impact with Jack Tompkins

Jack Tompkins from Pineapple Consulting joins the program to discuss how to wrangle all your business' data and turn it into something useful using tools you may already have, like Excel and Tableau.

30: Time is the New Wealth with Lee LeFever

Dillon and Johnathan sit down with Lee LeFever of Commoncraft to discuss what it means to have a business that's "big enough" and the hidden value that comes from that status.

29: Big Launch Energy

Joe Valley joins the program to discuss buying and selling businesses, mitigating the risk, buying versus building, and lots of fun stories along the way.

28: Marketing is Hard

The guys discuss social media advertising, affiliate marketing, advertisement optimization, adversarial customers, direct mail, and more. In the bonus after-show, such high-quality topics such as AI, ham, coffee, pumpkin spice soap, fall, and candles are also discussed.

27: Big, Fatty Asterisk

Dillon gives feedback on his first coffee order, the guys talk about managing large tasks and chunking them down, and Johnathan gets Dillon's input on selling to businesses.

26: I'm hearing a lot of clicking

Johnathan tells Dillon how the soft launch went, the guys talk about their keyboards for a bit, then find themselves back on the topic of Zapier in this 65-minute presentation.

25: Series of Tubes

Dillon and Johnathan talk about setting realistic goals and Johnathan recaps some of the things he's learned setting up a store using Shopify. They guys also talk about the new tech they love in this 85-minute presentation.

24: Position to Sell with Chris Shipferling

Chris Shipferling from Global Wired Advisors joins the program and gives Dillon a true nerd-out experience with Finance. Welcome to the Dillon show.

23: Just Buy Creamer with My Amazon Guy

In the spiciest episode yet, Steven Pope joins the program and we talk Amazon, brand-building, and coffee creamer. Lots of coffee creamer.

22: Logistics and Selling More with Less with Andrew Clark

Dillon and Johnathan are joined by Andrew Clark from Logistics Help to talk about logistics, processes, and getting your just-in-time groove on.

21: I'm just an annoyed human, part 2

A long conversation about defaults, life automation, and the theory of truly optimizing your life as a founder in the second of two parts of this presentation.

20: I'm just an annoyed human, part 1

A long conversation about defaults, life automation, and the theory of truly optimizing your life as a founder in the first of two parts of this presentation.

19: Wicked Smaht

Dillon and Johnathan talk about remote versus in-person work environments. Amazon making seller addresses public is also discussed in this 62-minute presentation.

18: Brand Management with Chia

Chia from Brand24 joins us to talk about managing and observing your brand, watching your competitors, and understanding sentiment in the marketplace. Westworld also returns in this 57-minute presentation.

17: Teenage Ecological Disaster

Dillon and Johnathan sit down with serial founder Carlos Alvarez. His first businesses, the mistakes he made along the way, and more are discussed in this ___-minute presentation.

16: I Have This New Powder, See

The guys briefly discuss Airtable (again), follow-up on liquidation arbitrage, and then things promptly go off the rails from there.

15: The 10x Peyote

Coaching, The Dunning-Kruger Effect, hacking and World of Warcraft, among other topics make an appearance in this 56-minute presentation.

14: Side Hustles and Cash Factories

Dillon and Johnathan talk about liquidation arbitrage, side hustles, horse racing, and other alt-money sources.

13: The Robot You Are

Westworld, daily routine algorithms, and defaults in life are featured in this 64-minute program filled with non-stop vocal noises.

12: Moats and Mountains with Jason Miles and Michael Veazey

The guys sit down with Jason Miles and Michael Veazey from The E-commerce Leader podcast to talk about building a strong brand beyond slapping a label on a box and calling it day, as well as building traffic to that brand when you're first starting out. As is typical, we detour. This time, into talking about coffee.

11: Drop Me in Any Maze

The guys recap some of the more interesting bits of Shopify Reunite, Dillon admits he's a robot, and Johnathan reminisces about 30-minute pizza delivery.

10: Outsourcing with Nathan Hirsch

D & J sit down with Nathan Hirsch from OutsourceSchool to talk all things VAs, and Nathan makes quite a convincing case for building an outsourced team.

9: The Customer Service Bus

Dillon and Johnathan talk about how quality customer service is paramount to any successful business. Then they wander off into Keyboardland.

8: E-Fish in Size

Dillon has a new project and the guys talk about Standard Operation Procedures.

7: Getting More Done with Less

D tells J about the wonders of running a business on an iPad, J gets chastised for clicking on things, and J somehow convinces dillon a Mac Mini is something he could have in his life.

6: Conscionable Lending with Don Henig

D & J are joined by friend and e-commerce investor Don Henig from AccrueMe.com to discuss seller financing, why there's a better way to do it, and the benefits of taking an active interest in a business can yield more profits.

5: The Robot of the Show

J takes D for a ride on the logistics train and digs into shipping, its variable costs, and the pay-off from putting in the work to figure it all out.

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