23: Just Buy Creamer with My Amazon Guy

In the spiciest episode yet, Steven Pope joins the program and we talk Amazon, brand-building, and coffee creamer. Lots of coffee creamer.


  • Introducing Steven
  • Biggest areas of struggle for Amazon sellers
  • Amazon as an advertising/acquisition channel


Alternate Titles:

  • Water Homies
  • I thought this was a creamer podcast
  • Welcome to Creamer with Half and Häf
  • I am bright
  • Creamer Talk
  • A very liquid conversation
  • Mistakes were made

Creators and Guests

Dillon →
Dillon →
I help Amazon sellers scale their revenue with technology and better strategy. Building: @useaura + https://t.co/oU5SvfxfWd
Johnathan Lyman
Johnathan Lyman
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