34: Emails Are Being Chewed

Dillon and Johnathan discuss feelings, VC money, Newsletters, being a knowledge worker, and more are featured in this 78-minute program, the final episode of this show.
- Johnathan vents about how he's feeling this week
- VC money
- AMZ Weekly shutdown
- Building the Seller Journal newsletter
- Smart decisions
- Writing because it feels good
- Being a knowledge worker

- Givemeyourdangemail.com
- Freshly
- Metabolic Meals
- Huel
- Free Thermal Printer - Seller Journal
- Best Banks for E-commerce - Seller Journal
- Farnam Street
- Dilloncarter.com
- Johnathan.org
- Raspberry Pi article
- Forte Labs
- Know When to Hold 'Em - Kenny Rodgers
- Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing - Parks & Recreation
- Buy War Bonds

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Dillon →
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Johnathan Lyman
Johnathan Lyman
Program and Programming Accessories.
34: Emails Are Being Chewed
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