28: Marketing is Hard

The guys discuss social media advertising, affiliate marketing, advertisement optimization, adversarial customers, direct mail, and more. In the bonus after-show, such high-quality topics such as AI, ham, coffee, pumpkin spice soap, fall, and candles are also discussed.


  • Social media advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertisement optimization
  • Adversarial customers
  • Direct mail

Plus 11 minutes of bonus aftershow:


Alternate Titles:

  • Pulling a Gmail
  • I’m a Fall Guy
  • There are little treats inside
  • Physical nuggets of related things

Creators and Guests

Dillon →
Dillon →
I help Amazon sellers scale their revenue with technology and better strategy. Building: @useaura + https://t.co/oU5SvfxfWd
Johnathan Lyman
Johnathan Lyman
Program and Programming Accessories.
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