A show about growing your e-commerce business in sane ways and commentary on current trends. Sometimes whatever's neat, too. Presented by Vendrive.

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34: Emails Are Being Chewed

Dillon and Johnathan discuss feelings, VC money, Newsletters, being a knowledge worker, and more are featured in this 78-minute program, the final episode of this show.

33: I'm a Leafy Boy

Another wildcard episode where the show notes actually match what the guys talk about. Episode #32 and #33 were released out of order so things may be out of order in ...

32: Always on the Hunt

Anything goes in this episode where the guys talk about the feeling of having "your thing," coffee, and Dillon inquisits about a new platform he's not building.

31: Small Data, Big Impact with Jack Tompkins

Jack Tompkins from Pineapple Consulting joins the program to discuss how to wrangle all your business' data and turn it into something useful using tools you may alrea...

30: Time is the New Wealth with Lee LeFever

Dillon and Johnathan sit down with Lee LeFever of Commoncraft to discuss what it means to have a business that's "big enough" and the hidden value that comes from that...

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